Repair work

The advantage of glass or quartz glass pieces is that they can be repaired or transformed without losing their original qualities.
By doing this, the customer will be able to save money, if he chooses to have his article repaired. This will be more advantageous than the purchase of new articles.
For antique pieces this doesn't apply, since their authenticity has to be preserved.
Our company is able to repair mercury and alcohol barometers and thermometers, to  reproduce glass pieces for a silver frame, as well as for chandeliers, globes, etc.


Repair of the neck of a 50 liter flask

Repair of the neck DN100 (internal diameter of 100 mm) of a 50 liter flask made of borosilicate glass 3.3 (type DURAN, PYREX, etc.).

Manufacture of a blue glass vase to repair an antique object

We renovated a salt box made of blue mass tinted glass, based on a silver frame supplied by a customer.

Repair of a flat socket

For this double walled piece, we had to process the broken flat socket. The diameter of the socket is 55 mm and the thickness is 9 mm.

Repair of an old glass lamp

Repair of an old glass lamp according to a model. Based on the broken model, it was possible to manufacture a new glass work on which we sandblasted the original drawing of this old oil lamp.

Repair of a thermometer

We can reproduce the capillary tube of a thermometer. This capillary tube can be filled with red or blue alcohol or with mercury.