Quartz glass work

At the table or bench burner we manufacture quartz glass from tubes or sheets.
Thanks to its very low coefficient of thermal expansion, quartz glass resists very well to thermal shocks, allowing the use of temperatures up to 1300 °C.
In our workplace the glass blower uses a hand burner, which can reach temperatures from 1700°C up to 2100°C. This will allow the deformation, the displacement and the fusion of the material, according to the customer's wishes.
We can therefore manufacture a big quantity of pieces, that differ in shape and use.


Impinger tube made of quartz glass

Manufactured at the table with a burner and according to the customer's plan.

Casserole made of quartz glass with an external diameter of 180 mm

Manufacturing at the glassblowing lathe, according to a customer's model of this casserole made of quartz glass.
Multiple models with an external diameter from 60 to180 mm have been manufactured
by assembling the tube and the plate made of quartz glass. The aim is to obtain a perfect flat bottom and an interior angle as right as possible.

Melting-pot made of quartz glass

Manufacturing of a melting-pot made of quartz glass with a diameter of 60 mm, according to the customer's sketch.

U-tubes made of quartz glass

These four different U-tubes made of quartz glass have been manufactured at the worktable, based on a customer’s drawing. These U-tubes have a filtering disc with a porosity of 10 to 16 micron and a plunging tube acting as a thermal probe.

Tube made of quart glass

Manufacture of two fitting tubes according to a customer’s plan with a round bottom made of quartz glass with two standard connections DN80 and DN40. This glass is used in semi-industrial installations.

Aquarium made of quartz glass

As you can see on this picture, we are able to produce aquaria made of quartz glass by welding quartz glass plates from different dimensions.