Who are we

Since 1914

Sir Pierre PIONNET, glass blower by profession, was the founder of the company in 1914. Established in the Renkinstreet 99 in Schaarbeek, he was specialised in the manufacture of glassware for laboratories.

When he retired in 1936, one of his customers, namely M. Léon PIERRE, took over his workplace. Since the latter had just left Antwerp, he established at the Avenue du Boulevard 29 in Brussels. With development in the clinical sector in mind, Léon PIERRE added a glassblowery to his practice in pharmaceutical products.

My father, Gustave PIERRE, began to work in 1940 in the workplace of his uncle Léon where he acquired his experience and ended up becoming the foreman. It's in 1968 that he took over his uncle's business and that the firm moved to the Courtoisstreet 14 in Molenbeek.

July 1st 1985, a new succession: here I am...Emmanuel PIERRE. Investing becomes the new keyword: the purchase of glassblowing lathes and ovens and the improvement of the fire intensity, which allows to process bigger diameters. This is when my glass blowing formation truly began in the workplace with my father and friends, who were also glass blowers. My wife, Sonia RUYMAEKERS, was trained just like me, and in 1999 we decided to get associated and found the company PIERRE E. BVBA. This was to assure the continuity of the company and to provide financial resources for its future development.

In line with this perspective, we quickly discovered a lack of space. This is why we decided in May 2003 to move to the Hellestraat 30 in Vilvoorde.

And our story does not end here, because the succession of our future is guaranteed, given that my three daughters complete our team. Virginie and Stéphanie PIERRE since 2010 and Mélanie PIERRE since 2017. With them it is the fifth generation that begins in the workplace.

Our objective for the future is to see our company grow continuously, to prevent our production capacity to get saturated. We also want to maximize the potential of our machines in order to keep up with the new challenges and requests our customers and partners present.

Our Team