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PIERRE E. Ltd. is a company that has been up and running since 1914. The company is led by M. Emmanuel PIERRE and his wife Mrs. Sonia RUYMAEKERS, of which both are glass blowers.

In the glass industry we play a role only at the very last stage of the manufacturing process. We process ordinary glass, borosilicate glass 3.3 or quartz glass, which is delivered to us as glass tubes, staves, plates, pressed glass, etc. In our workplace we work through glass blowing (hot) or coldworking all of these semi-finished products to obtain the actual pieces, that have to be processed according to plan or model. Each manufactured piece is stored in our informationsystem (parts, plan and procedure). Thanks to this system we can offer our customers the specific article which that has been asked for.

We are no "glass salesmen", but "glass adapters" willing to put our expertise at your service. We are always prepared to help you look for the best solution for the processing of glass or quartz glass for your own specific use.

Our customers work in the chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear and biochemical industry, the ironworks, the petroleum industry, brewing, dairy and food industry, textile industry, advertisement and the LIGHTING sector. We also deliver to universities, colleges, research laboratories, hospitals, laboratory or industrial products merchants, machine manufacturers, the catering industry, the aromatherapy, artists and many more.

On this website you will find a lot of examples of different products that we process and of the services and accessories that we can add to these products. There is also some technical reading material about the different kinds of glass, quartz glass and other materials that PIERRE E. offers. Finally, the curious among you can take a virtual tour of the workplace and discover the different ways of processing.

Don't hesitate to send us your questions, applications and all comments, in order to be able to improve the information and user friendliness of our website.

The crew of PIERRE E. wishes you a very instructif time.