Coating of glass work

If required, we can cover the glass work with a TEFLON COATING.
The COATING that we use has many advantages:

- The glass work obtains an excellent mechanical resistance. The cover is placed in such a manner that it fits perfectly to the glass and keeps its elastic qualities. Therefore in case of damage the dissipation of the content is avoided. In that way the content can be raptured and the security of the user is guaranteed.

- The COATING has a good heat resistance. The maximal use temperature is 260°C.

- The cover is transparent, therefore the glass work conserves its principal feature.

- The surface of the COATING is completely dry. In consequence dust does not attach itself.

- Each possible glass work can be covered with this COATING, regardless of its shape.


Glass cylinders

Two cylinders of 2000 ml and 3000 ml, graduated and covered in/with a layer of our COATING TEFLON (PTFE) to maximize the user’s safety.