In addition to the activities in glass processing, our company has the necessary experience in manufacturing and delivering PTFE, ETFE, PFA, FEP, PE, PP, INOX, etc. accessories.
Our goal is to inform the customer for a better use of the glassware.
This allows us to deliver a complete and ready-to-use product from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing.
We also deliver the following glass brands: DURAN, SIMAX and PYREX, as well as a variety of articles made of INOX, porcelain, etc.


Reactors DN150 with connections for nylon pipes

In this example and apart from the manufacturing of the borosilicate glass 3.3 reactors (type DURAN, PYREX, etc.), as a result of a collaboration with a customer, we have also brought our expertise to the use of connections allowing a junction between connections with glass screwthread and nylon pipes.All this respects the customer's required criteria: it's sealed and resists all different kinds of chemical or thermal circumstances.
A lot of other INOX clamps, sealing rings and plates have been manufactured.
In this way our company proves its capacity in the conception and manufacturing of a glassware and of its use by delivering accessories and other materials. This completes the glassware's delivery.